Monday, December 10, 2012

Nov 7th 2012 with Kate Olson

Another free improv Sax + Guitar + Effects track from November:

Gary Prince - Guitar/effects
Kate Olson - Soprano Sax/effects

same session as my previous post.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Romance

This is my arrangement of the jazz standard "My Romance", which I wrote last June, and have finally gotten around to recording and posting. "My Romance" (Rogers & Hart)
Arranged by Gary Prince
Gary Prince: Electric Guitar

It's not the cleanest recording in the world. This was done in my bedroom using my practice amp, a Fender Super Champ. I kind of like that it came out sounding kind of tinny and quaint, like sound out of an old radio played quietly. This arrangement was inspired by the fantastic book Guitar Solos: Thirteen Standards by Barry Galbraith which I've been using with my students for the past year. For anyone interested at all in jazz guitar, it is a really wonderful book. All Galbraith's arrangements find the perfect balance between being readily performable, very musical, and just challenging enough for most intermediate students.

I've done a few more arrangements like this, and will post them as I get around to it.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Solo Improv (July 2012)

Free improvisation from July 7, 2012:

Gary Prince - Electric Guitar, Effects I'm using my Stratocaster here. That guitar is currently sitting in my room with no strings on it while I try to decide whether to change out the pickups/do something to decrease its out of control humming and buzzing whenever on one of the single coil settings.