Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Improvisations

I have two tracks to offer today, two new improvisations with poet Andrew Klein from September 16th, 2012. These were originally performed back to back with no break.

"Austerity" (free improv 9.16.12 pt 1)

"Let the Rain Come Down" (free improv 9.16.12 pt 2)

Gary Prince - electric guitar/loops/effects
Andrew Klein - voice, words, iphone noise generator

Andrew is using an app on his iphone played through computer speakers as a noise generator capable of producing sounds at a particular pitch, in particular rhythms, and randomization. He has also been using the amp he uses for his vocals to create feedback for a while now, though this is not really well represented on recording yet. All my loops were created live, and all Andrew's words were improvised live as well. These recordings are a little rough but I hope they are enjoyed!

And by the way, about a month ago we assembled some of our best recordings from March to now on a bandcamp, for free download: The sounds can be very different from the tracks above, and show a lot of our development from March to now...hopefully I will be sharing more music here soon!

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