Monday, June 13, 2011

Borrow Love

Two Saturdays ago I performed at the cd release for the album "You Call That Brave", by my good friend Sarah Fridrich. I played on one track on the album, "Borrow Love". Here it is:

Sarah Fridrich: Piano/Vox
Dan Marcellus: Drums
Gary Prince: Guitar

It's funny how time goes with an album - Sarah and I first worked on this song together in the winter of 2009. It was a lot slower then, and without drums. We recorded it almost exactly a year ago, in Sarah's basement, by putting a mic on my amp and then a big blanket over both (to muffle outside sound). I'm using my Ibanez here. The solo was originally an improvisation from rehearsal. It's hard to say now, but I was thinking about having a very dark, very wide sound - very different from how I normally play. I suppose if I was better at blogging I would have put this up two weeks ago, before the concert. Ah well.

In any case, I had a great time, there was a good crowd, and Sarah sounded fantastic.

Dig the goofy picture of yours truly from soundcheck

I've given up on the whole 'looking cool' thing. Goodnight folks.

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